2010.07.01 21st May Prisoner Services Experience ~ By Sophie

Throughout these few months, there were lots of laughters and tears from the team. Since this service required us to spend lots of time and effort to plan, rehearse, evaluate, and then amend and rehearse again, there were surely arguements and conflicts. This was really discouraging and made all of us disappointed. However, with care and forgiveness, we could still compromise and figure out the best solution at last. From this, we could learn the importance of teamwork. Apart from this, this was the first time for almost all of us to go into the prison to visit people inside. From this experience, we could see that actually lots of prisoners there were just like us, who were normal and do not deserve our discrimination. From the ‘thank you’ they said, I believe that they (at least some of them) did see our effort and appreciate it. Thus, this is one of the best servies I have done so far (disregard the hardship before). And finally, we should give a big hand to Fion and Billy for their courtless motivation and effort!


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