Dreams come true Because of you

By engaging in various volunteer work activities, I am able to spread the love and joy to many different people.

Everyone has their own wish-list and you are the one who can make their wishes come true! Taking wedding photos might be the norm when you are getting married.However, due to various circumstances, some elderly couples missed their opportunities to capture this special moment on their big day. Years later, we are able to arrange wedding photo taking services to fulfil their wishes.

Despite their hair turned grey or wrinkles showing on their skin, their love for each other remain unchanged. The sweetness was captured in the photos by the ways their hold onto each other’s hands and their look into each other’s eyes. Their happiness are clearly shown when their dreams come true.

Everyone is not granted to walk around easily as they wish. As people grow old, their physical strength deteriorate. Going out to take a walk in a park might become a very challenging task for some elderly people. Their wishes can come true if you are willing to spend time with them and bring them out to breathe some fresh air. Having someone who can chat with and keeping them accompanied can already fulfil their desires.

Kids are always striving to learn new skills and share innovative ideas. Being able to teach them new knowledge such as various DIY activities, cooking classes and sports day, they are able to gain positive vibes and motivation. Their wishes are to acquire new abilities and to have a fun day, and we are there to help them to achieve this.

Every smile, every special memories, every joy, every love and every emotion are unforgettable experiences.

Be proactive! Get out there and make other’s wishes come true!

Author : Judith Lam

最後更新日期: 2023 年 05 月 24 日